When Is the Best Time to Puppy-proof Your House

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Begin puppy-proofing your home before bringing your new furry friend home. This includes assessing potential hazards and securing the environment.

Day Focus

Prioritize puppy-proofing on the day of arrival to create a safe space and minimize stress for your new pet. Remove any items that may pose a threat.


Safeguard your puppy from electrical hazards by securing cords and outlets. Use cord protectors and hide electrical wires out of reach.


Puppy-proof your house by storing household chemicals in secure cabinets or areas inaccessible to your pet. This includes cleaning products

Trash Bins

Dogs are notorious for exploring trash cans. Use bins with secure lids or keep them in a location your puppy can't access.

Proper Storage

Keep small objects, such as toys with small parts or household items, out of reach to prevent choking hazards or accidental ingestion.

Gated Areas

Utilize gates to block off certain rooms or areas to limit your puppy's access until they learn boundaries and commands.


Protect both your furniture and your puppy by padding sharp edges and corners. This prevents injuries during playtime.


Puppy-proofing is an ongoing process. Regularly reassess your home as your puppy grows to identify and address new potential hazards