Unleash the Fun: Games That Delight Dogs


Fetch is a classic, but add a twist by using different objects like frisbees or soft toys. It keeps the game fresh and challenges your dog to adjust their catching technique.

Hide and Seek

This childhood game isn't just for humans. Hide somewhere in your house and call your dog. It's a fantastic way to reinforce the recall command and provides mental stimulation.


Set up a homemade obstacle course using chairs, blankets, and boxes. This not only entertains but also provides physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Tug of War

A controlled game of tug-of-war can be a great workout and reinforces your dog's bite inhibition while teaching them the “let go” command.


Set up a homemade agility course using chairs, blankets, and broomsticks. It’s not only physically demanding but also a mental workout for your dog.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys that dispense treats when solved can keep your dog entertained for hours and encourage problem-solving skills.


There are digital games and apps designed for dogs that respond to touch or movement, ideal for tech-savvy pet owners and curious canines.

Water Games

For dogs who love water, games like fetching a ball from a kiddie pool or running through sprinklers can be exhilarating and a cool relief on hot days.

The Name

Teach your dog the names of their toys and ask them to bring them to you. It’s a fun way to increase their vocabulary and focus.