The Risks of Matrimonial Sites: Are They Safe for Women


Matrimonial sites offer a platform for individuals to find life partners, but concerns about safety, particularly for women, have emerged due to various risks associated with online matchmaking.

Identity Theft

Women using matrimonial sites are vulnerable to identity theft, where malicious actors create fake profiles or misuse personal information for fraudulent purposes.


Catfishing is a prevalent risk on matrimonial sites, where individuals misrepresent themselves with fake photos or misleading information, leading to potential emotional or financial harm.

Financial Scams

Scammers may exploit emotional connections formed on matrimonial sites to solicit money or financial information under false pretenses, preying on women's trust and vulnerability.


Women may face harassment, cyberbullying, or stalking from aggressive or obsessive suitors met through matrimonial platforms, posing threats to their safety and well-being.

Privacy Breaches

Personal information shared on matrimonial sites may be vulnerable to data breaches, compromising women's privacy and exposing them to risks of identity theft or online harassment.


abusive relationships, where one partner exercises control and dominance over the other, posing risks to women's physical and emotional safety.


perpetrators of harm on matrimonial sites may evade accountability for their actions, perpetuating a cycle of risk and harm.

Religious Conflicts

lead to conflicts or misunderstandings in relationships formed through matrimonial platforms, posing risks to women's emotional well-being and relationship stability.