10 Options For Playing With Corgis 

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Corgis love to chase and retrieve objects, making fetch an excellent way to engage their natural instincts and burn off excess energy.


Grab a sturdy rope toy and engage in a friendly game of tug-of-war with your Corgi, providing mental and physical stimulation while strengthening your bond.

Agility Courses

Set up a mini agility course in your backyard or local park with tunnels, jumps, and weave poles for your Corgi to navigate, showcasing their agility and intelligence.


Hide treats or toys around the house or yard and encourage your Corgi to sniff them out, stimulating their senses and providing a fun mental challenge.

Puzzle Toys

Invest in interactive puzzle toys that dispense treats as your Corgi solves them, keeping them entertained and engaged for hours.

Water Play

If your Corgi enjoys water, set up a kiddie pool or sprinkler in the yard for them to splash around and cool off on hot days.

Training Games

Incorporate training sessions into playtime by teaching your Corgi new tricks or commands, such as sit, stay, or roll over, rewarding them with treats.


Corgis can excel at Frisbee with their agility and athleticism. Start with soft discs and gradually introduce harder ones as your Corgi becomes more confident.

Obstacle Course

Create an indoor obstacle course using household items like cushions, chairs, and tunnels for your Corgi to navigate, providing mental and physical.